anton_florekThe Staff College

Anton Florek, Chief Executive, The Staff College

These are challenging times for those charged with leading locality services which our citizens have become accustomed to receiving since the inception of the Welfare State. Increasingly, those in leadership positions in the public sector are working in a context of ever growing complexity and ambiguity where the resources to deliver are tempered by a shrinking state set against the continuing expectation by the public that services remain available on demand.

For us, the construct of Systems Leadership provides the theoretical underpinning for a practical approach to working beyond and across public service systems; an approach, which the new Leadership for Change Programme will undoubtedly reinforce as it creates a new joint development platform for all future leaders in public services.  

We are therefore delighted to be working in the new alliance with the Skills Academy for Social Care, the Leadership Centre, the NHS Leadership Academy and Public Health England to jointly take responsibility for an integrated approach to leadership development, which we believe will better prepare our respective professional communities for a new future of public service delivery which transcends individual organisational interests for the benefit of collective impact and improved health and wellbeing outcomes for all citizens.