The emphasis of the Leadership for Change Programme is on practical application of theories to real life problems, rather than hypothetical cases. Consequently, within the residential setting, theoretical or process inputs are short and sharp, with a rapid shift to real world relevance.

Where there is perceived merit in exploring more deeply particular or related ideas, these will be provided in a Extended Leadership Workshop format. The Extended Leadership Workshops are intended to provide a deeper analysis into some of the material covered in the residentials, as well as responding to the particular interests of the participants, as is the case with other aspects of Leadership for Change.

The Extended Leadership Workshops are not necessarily a compulsary component of the programme, but are strongly recommended as a way of enhancing participant’s skills and knowledge. Previous contributors have included:

Myron Rogers, 17th September 2015, Leeds 

Myron Rogers delivered a workshop on ‘Systems Thinking’. Myron works with private and public sectors in large scale change projects. His clients are major coporations, government agencies, health care, religions, schools, not-for-profit organisations in the US and globally.

The co-author of ‘A simpler Way’ with Margaret Wheatley, Myron is a leader in the theory and application of complexity and living systems approaches for generating the capacity for change in complex organisations.

Dr Peter Gruenewald, 1st October 2015, London

Dr Peter Gruenewald delivered a workshop on ‘Building Personal Resilience’. A regular contributor to the VSCs DCS Provision, Peter gave participants a range of tools and techniques to enable them to operate effectively in highly pressurised environments.

Peter regularly works with senior civil servants, such as major project leaders, Directors of Children Services, Aspirant Directors of Public Health as well as corporate executives, physicians, psychologists and teachers. His work focuses on providing diagnostic, assessment and training in adaptive resilience for leaders and professionals.

Helen Bevan, 5th November 2015, Nottingham

Helen Bevan reprised her very effective workshop that she delivered for Cohort 1 and 2 participants ‘How to rock the boat and stay in it’.

Helen is acknowledged globally for her expertise in large scale change and ability to translate it into practical action and deliver outcomes. She provides advice, guidance and training on transformational change to leaders of health and care systems across the world. In 2008, the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service, Helen was recognised as one of the 60 most influential people in the history of the NHS.

Visit the resources section of the website to see video experts from the one day workshops with Charles Leadbeater, Margaret Heffernan, Meg Wheatley and Helen Bevan that were delivered as part of the first two cohorts of Leadership for Change.

To enquire about future workshops please email Ruth Lloyd at [email protected] or Tel 0115 748 4141.