There will be 2 x 3 day residential seminars for each cohort of participants, which will be held at selected venues around the country. Participants are expected to attend both of the residential seminars.

The purpose of both residential seminars is to introduce participants to a way of thinking about leadership which acknowledges that, when dealing with the most significant decisions, there is no manual to hand with a straightforward set of instructions about what to do next. As well as introducing participants to a number of ‘core concepts’ about leadership in the public sector, including ‘adaptive’ leadership, public value, and systems thinking.

More information about the content and focus of these events will be available soon.

“Mixed group of professionals was particularly useful.” Cohort 1 Participant

“The programme has given me a wealth of skills, techniques and insight into leadership that I will apply going forward, no doubting that.” Cohort 2 Participant

“I will recommend this programme and commend it highly to my colleagues at AD level locally.” Cohort 2 Participant