Charles Leadbeater Master Class, 17th July 2014, Birmingham

Charles Leadbeater delivered the first in a series of five one day Master Classes for Leadership for Change participants from the first two cohorts on 17th July at the Studio in Birmingham.

The day was very interactive whereby Charles set the group three broad challenges facing Senior Leaders in the public sector and then shared his experience of some real life case studies where individuals or teams of people have successfully tackled some of these intractible issues.

The day was filmed and what follows is a series of short video’s that we hope will be of interest to those who were unable to attend or will serve as an aide memoire to those who did attend.

Video 1 – Introduction – In this section Charles sets the scene for the day and talks about why Systems Leadership is so important in the current climate. This culminates in Charles setting the group their first challenge around tackling violence amongst young men.

Video 2 – Challenge 1 – Reducing violent crime in young men

In this section, in response to the first challenge around tackling violence amongst young men, Charles talks about Karyn McCluskey of the Voilence Reduction Unit in Glasgow and her approach(es) to solving this particular leadership challenge.

Video 3 – Challenge 2 – Reducing Obesity

In this section Charles talks about the public health issue of obesity, drawing on two real life examples to illustrate the sorts of apporaches to this problem that have been successful. Firstly Linda Gibbs, who was New York City’s Deputy Mayor during the period of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayorship, and Mick Cornett the Mayor of Oaklahoma who initiated a campaign to tackle Oaklahoma’s obesity problem with the tag line ‘This City is Going on a Diet”.

You can hear Mick Cornett talk about the Oaklahoma ‘This City is Going on a Diet”campaign below:

Video 4 – Challenge 3 Redesigning Adult Social Care

In this final session Charles touches on approaches to the challenge of Redesigning Adult Social Care and introduces the group to a new model adopted with some success in the Danish town of Fredericia