Please contact the Leadership for Change Team on [email protected] to find out how to apply for the 4th cohort of the progarmme.

What you can expect?

  • Locality based teams of a minimum of four should apply
  • Sponsorship from Chief Executive Level (or equivalent) will be required to support the team’s application
  • The programme features:
    • 3 x 2 day residential event
    • 4 x one day extended leadership workshops
    • Project based learning (locality based)
    • A 360 degree feedback survey based on the attributes required to be an effective Systems Leader (optional)
    • Access to a pool of expert Change Coaches (additional charges apply)
  • A one off registration fee of £850 plus VAT is required from each individual in order to participate in the Programme.

How to apply:

  1. Identify your systems leadership challenge

    This will be the challenge that you will work on throughout the programme so it should be current and be cross-systemic, involving multiple stakeholders.

  2. Identify the key stakeholders/partners/individuals who will be working with you on this challenge?
  3. Contact the Leadership for Change Team on 01157484124 or e-mail [email protected].
  4. Describing your systems leadership challenge

    As part of the application process you will be expected to set out your leadership challenge in a maximum of 1000 words. When crafting your statement, you will need to:

    • characterise the problem or opportunity from your perspective. Who are the major players, and (very briefly) what are their major interests?
    • you need not reveal the identities of the individuals, groups or organisations involved, but you should provide enough description so that others can meaningfully discuss the challenge with you
    • next, describe as concretely as possible the actions you have taken or intend to take with reference to the challenge you face. If possible, give a brief example of a conversation you have had or expect to have in working on your problem or opportunity. Alternatively describe your behaviour or feelings about the challenge you face and your progress to date;
    • finally, any planned commitments in your statement should be agreed with your fellow team members and include their thoughts and opinions where possible.
  5. What will each team member do?

    All applicants in your team should contribute their own personal contribution, as although partners are working together on the same leadership challenge, it is important to define what their individual contribution will be. A maximum of 250 word per team member will be required for the application form.

  6. What will the post-programme outcome be?

    Decide as a team what you hope to achieve from participating on this programme? Greater partnership working? Community engagement? etc.

  7. Sponsor Nomination.All applicants must have the sponsorship of their Chief Executive (or equivalent post) in order to be considered for the Programme.

    At the application stage we will ask you to provide the name and e-mail address of the lead applicant’s sponsor, please make sure that the e-mail address is correct.

    N.B. This should be someone with the authority to grant permission for you to attend face to face elements of the programme and who is an advocate of the work that you have identified as wanting to make progress on throughout and beyond the duration of the programme.

    It may be advisable to contact your sponsor to let them know to expect this email and to encourage them to complete before the application deadline.

To learn more about the programme please download the Cohort 4 flyer below: